Montly Photo Contest

Our Billy is the mascot of My Digital Pet.
He is giving away an artwork, every month. Keep reading and find out how you can win one!​

Billy's Game of Pictures is a monthly photo competition that takes place on Instagram, and has 3 rounds. The final winner will receive an artwork from the photo of his / her pet, in the style of their own choice.

What to do?

First of all, check if there is a Billy's Game of Pictures edition on the Billy Instagram account: @billythedogdog. This is where the beginning of a new edition is announced in a post every third Sunday of the month. In this post the first round takes place. Be quick, because after the announcement you only have 3 days to participate!

Start of next edition: 15th - 17th of November 2020

Round 1

  1. ​Follow Billy on Instagram: @billythedogdog
  2. Follow My Digital Pet on Instagram: @mydigitalpet
  3. Post a portrait photo (so: only of the head) of your pet on your Instagram account, and place our monthly hashtag with it. For the month July this is #billypickmenovember20
  4. Comment in the Billy's Game of Picture post the word 'DONE' in the comments and tag at least one other (pet) account. With doing this, we know that you have done all of the above correctly and that you are participating!

PLEASE NOTE: it is useful to only participate if you are willing to promote your pet for this competition. In ROUND 2 you need votes from your followers to be able to continue.

Round 2

A few days after the participation has started, we will choose 20 of the participating photos of which completed all the steps correctly. We place a collage about them on Billy's Instagram and give each photo a number. From there on, ROUND 2 starts and the voting can begin!

Your followers or other accounts can now vote on your picture by commenting your number in the comments. They only can bring out one vote per account. To get more votes, it is an idea to tag accounts in the comments who can help you vote, or by sharing the collage on your story/post!

After 2 days the voting will stop. The 3 participants with the highest ammount of votes will get through to the FINALS. Here they will get a new number and a new collage will be shared on Billy's account. Now the voting can start again, the same way!


After 24 hours the voting will stop. The participant with the highest ammount of votes this time, will WIN this competition! He or she will get an artpiece of own choice.