Blog | How to give your new pet a warm welcome?


A new puppy or kitten is a real enrichment for the whole family. It is not only very cute, but also cozy. But how can you offer your new four-legged friend a warm welcome? 

The right supplies
Of course it starts with the right stuff. A bench/basket or litter box is the basis for a warm welcome. Your dog or cat must have a place to retreat. Definitely don't skimp on this. It should feel nice and – if possible – last a few years.

Also make sure you have good food bowls. You currently have very nice, stylish food bowls that are processed in wood or other material. But your new puppy or kitten is probably still so small that it will be quite a task to eat. Make sure your four-legged friend can reach the water and food.

The next tip is suitable for dogs: a dog leash. You often buy a leash where the collar or harness cannot be loosened. Very handy, once your dog is fully grown. But if he/she is still small, it is advisable to buy a separate leash and separate collar/harness. This way you only have to buy a new collar or harness when it becomes too small.

And finally: toys! Toys are not only important to release energy. Many toys for dogs and/or cats are specially made for maintaining healthy teeth. A toy doesn't cost you a lot of money, so you shouldn't forget this! And by playing with your furry friend, you create some quality time and of course a bond!

Things you don't immediately think of
There are also some things you might overlook. Pet insurance is one of them. Because why would you need it? We can guarantee that pet insurance is really worth it. Suppose a dental problem does occur, then the costs can rise considerably. With a pet insurance you get a (large) part reimbursed.