What is the delivery time of my order? 
All the styles will be sent to your e-mail between 1 - 7 days. In the black header on top you can see the current delivery time of this moment. Have you not received your artwork after 7 days? Send us an e-mail to info@mydigitalpet.com. Maybe something went wrong!

My country has another currency than displayed. Can I still make an order?
Sure! In de right corner in the footer you can change the currency to your own.

How do I get my artwork?
Each artwork will be sent to your mentioned e-mail as a digital file. So make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address!

What are the exact pixel sizes?
Every format is different for each style. Check the correct style page to see the corresponding pixel formats. Every file is big enough to print it to a size of 60 x 60 cm.

What is the file type?
Our standard file types are JPEG/JPG & PNG. If you would like to have an other file type, send us a message to info@mydigitalpet.com.

I want more than 6 pets/persons in one artwork. Is this possible?
Yes, that's possible! Send a message to info@mydigitalpet.com.

The type of a certain style is closed / fully booked. When can I order again? 
If a type is closed / fully booked and it is not possible to order, it will take a maximum of 2 weeks the illustrator has time for new orders to take. Send us an e-mail to info@mydigitalpet.com if you want to receive an e-mail if the illustrator is ready again.

 Can I order an artwork of a human as well?
Yes, you can! This is only possible in the style VECTOR ART. The price of a human face is the same as a pet. You select the ammount of people/pets and make your order. Just add a picture of a human instead of a pet, and we will take care of it! Of course is it also possible to make the combination with pets and humans. On our Instagram page you can see some examples. Can't find them? Just send us an e-mail to info@mydigitalpet.com to receive some examples.

How can I find the right hex code for the color background?
To find your favorite color, rush to google.com and search for '#000000'. Now a color pattern will show up. Find your favorite color and click on it. Now below the #hexcode of 6 characters will show up. Copy this code en paste it in the background color field. 

What are the payment options?
At this moment it is possible to pay with
Creditcard | Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro (Worldwide)

Paypal (Worldwide)
Apple Pay (Worldwide)
Google Pay (Worldwide)
Amazon Pay (Worldwide)
SOFORT Banking (Europe)
Bancontact (Europe)


My payment and / or my details are not sent correctly. What should I do?
Send a message as soon as possible to info@mydigitalpet.com.

I have received my artwork, but am not completely satisfied. How can I submit revisions?
Send a reply to the email in which you received your file with the exact changes you would like to admit. Do this within 48 hours after you received your artwork. Contact will be kept with you and if your revision is not too large, it will be implemented. There are four revisions possible. You will receive the new version within 6 days at the latest. It is not possible to ask for revisions after 48 hours after you received your artwork. Unfortunately it is not possible to get your money back or send in a whole new picture for a new artwork. This because the illustrator spend already work and time in your artwork.

I have ordered an artwork from My Digital Pet and am very happy with it. Can you show my pet on your socials?
Sure, nice! Send us an email with your taken picture of the artwork next to your pet or just your digital file (+ extra information about your pet) to info@mydigitalpet.com or send a private message to our Instagram page or Facebook page.

Is your question not listed here? Send your question to info@mydigitalpet.com or head over to our contact form!