Gift code

Unique, original and incredibly lovely to give!

After choosing the correct value, you will receive a link with your order confirmation email after payment. This link will take you to a form that allows you to choose your unique gift code. For example, "congratulations-mariah" or "LOVEYOUMOM!". This code will be activated within 24 hours, and you can give it to that special person as a gift, in your own way. The person can enter the code at the end of an order, after which this value will be deducted from the normal price.

Good to know:

  • You can use one unique gift code per order. So you can spread the value amount over several artpieces, but unfortunately not over several orders.
  • The code can be used only once. This is the reason why most value amounts are exactly the values of the price of a drawing, so there is no money left on the code.
  • You can cancel the unique gift code within 24 hours of purchase. Do this by sending an email.
  • The unique gift code is valid for one year from the date of purchase.